Polythene mailers

Polythene Mailers

Mailing bags come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes and can be made from a wide variety of materials that include paper, plastic, vinyl and canvas, as well as others. They are designed to meet the many different types of products that need mailed. Mailing bags have many functions that also go above and beyond just mailing your package. These additional functions range from protection of the product from weather or punctures to getting out a sales and promotional message. Plastic mailers or polythene mailing bags are becoming quite a popular choice in today's business world as well as a popular mailing bag choice for personal mailing needs as well. This is due to the wide variety of choices on the market today in the types of available polythene mailing bags with a wide range of sizes and colors. Their additional features also appeal to many different customers for a wide range of uses, both business and personal.

Clear plastic mail bags

Clear plastic mail bags work great for sending magazines, brochures, newsletters or any other type of mailing in which it may be to your advantage to use clear packaging. Usually these clear plastic mailers are highly tamper resistant and come with a self seal. You can attach address labels or you can also use their write on panels for addressing your packaging. Perhaps the type of mailing you do on a regular basis is a bit more confidential or you mail a different type of product in which clear plastic mail bags will not work for you. There are so many other options available in colored plastic mailing bags for you to choose from as well that you are sure to find the right product for your needs.

Plastic mailing bags

You can purchase plastic mailing bags or plastic envelopes that are white or gray for higher confidentiality of your product or information being sent. These come in such a wide variety of sizes to fit just about any mailing need. You may also choose premium polythene mailers that have a paper-like feel to them. These are highly durable and moisture resistant. They are made so that you can attach adhesive mailing labels and, like most other plastic mailers, they can be preprinted with your custom design, logo or return address. Premium mail bags such as these are made for heavy-duty packaging and are tamper resistant. They can be used as regular mail order bags or with courier services. They are also available with the added cushion of bubble padding if needed.

Metallic blue mail bags or silver plastic mailers

If looking to make an impression, metallic blue mail bags or silver plastic mailers can be a great way to make a visual impact. They are also low weight yet very high strength. Both the blue metallic mail bags as well as the silver mailers are made to be puncture resistant and waterproof. These make great business promotional tools, as the colors and style are not easily forgettable. This along with a custom sales message or business logo can make a double impact on your existing and potential customer base.